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What You Need to Know About Custom Kitchen Islands

You can never have too much countertop space in your kitchen, especially if you’re constantly purchasing new appliances or need a large preparation area for cooking or laying out meals. That’s where an island comes in. If you have an open floor plan that allows for comfortably placing this additional structure, consider ordering custom kitchen islands to increase functionality in the heart of your home. 

At Four Star Interiors in Las Vegas, NV, we understand every resident wants something different from their unique island, so our expert craftsmen work diligently to bring your preferences to life. From designing and building these structures by hand to installing them in one visit, we have the tools and know-how for a job well done.

Where Do You Place Your Custom-Made Kitchen Island?

Your kitchen island should be there to assist with an optimal flow, not restrict it. Therefore, you should leave at least 42 inches of space between the island and wall cabinets or a minimum of 60 inches from the island to the nearest countertop. 

However, these numbers vary depending on the size and type of the custom kitchen islands. For instance, a movable island may only need two to three feet of walkway width. Similarly, you should keep between four to nine feet of space between your island and the three primary points in your kitchen: the sink, refrigerator, and stove.

What Goes on Your New Kitchen Island Renovation?

Next, what do you want to do with your kitchen island renovation? For some, it’s no more than an additional countertop space for appliances, dish racks, and flower arrangements. For others, it serves a greater purpose by doubling as much-needed storage since you can add shelves to the foundation or hang utensil hooks or racks no more than 30 inches above the island surface. 

Other uses to consider when installing a custom-made kitchen island include:

  • A kitchen table with stools or chairs 
  • A built-in sink, stove, or cooler, especially if it helps create a better flow between the kitchen triangle
  • A built-in dishwasher, especially if you want to incorporate one but don’t have the space for it to be a standalone appliance

Should You Incorporate a Double Island Kitchen Design?

Again, your island shouldn’t be more than nine feet away from any other surface since it’ll create a gap in your kitchen. If you have this concern, a double island kitchen design incorporates two custom kitchen islands on your floor plan. You can line them up with space in between or place one on either side of your kitchen for accessibility from any location in the room.

Four Star Interiors for Five-Star Services!

Kitchen renovations are an exciting task that allows you to test your creativity while improving kitchen flow and appeal. However, it can also be a difficult job, especially if you don’t know where to start. 

With Four Stars Interiors by your side, you have a four our of four-star Las Vegas, NV, team to walk you through the entire process. Call (702) 602-6143 for a free quote on custom kitchen islands today

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  1. My best friend is all fired up about getting an alfresco kitchen installed by the best contractor in town. He’s all about those backyard cookouts and believes this outdoor kitchen setup will take our BBQ game to a whole new level. It’s all about good food, good company, and some serious outdoor cooking vibes! I think he’d like to know that you should allow at least 42 inches of space between the island and wall cabinets or at least 60 inches from the island to the next countertop since your kitchen island should help with an ideal flow, not limit it.

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