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What Is a Realistic Budget for a Kitchen Remodel?

Are you remodeling your kitchen? Have you prepared a budget? You don’t want to find yourself knee-deep in an exciting project only to realize you’ve overspent on those gorgeous hardwood cabinet doors you liked so much. 

Below, the Four Star Interiors experts share a quick guide on how to budget for a kitchen remodel. We’d love to chat with you about our cabinet and kitchen remodeling services, so be sure to pop us a message if you would like to know more!

What Is the Average Cost to Remodel a Kitchen?

According to an article by Forbes, the average cost to remodel a high-end kitchen will be about four times as much as a similar project per square foot in a small kitchen. 

How to Create a Kitchen Remodeling Budget

A quick method to estimate an appropriate budget for remodeling your kitchen would be basing this initial figure on your home’s current property value. A remodeling budget should be about 10% of the total value of your home.

For a more in-depth breakdown, you can expect to allocate budget amounts toward the following kitchen remodel aspects:

  • Appliances: 15%
  • Countertops: 10%
  • Cabinetry & Hardware: 30%
  • Plumbing, Lighting, Flooring, & Walls: 25%
  • Other: 20%

As you can see, the cabinets are typically the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel, followed by potential labor costs and the plumbing, lighting, flooring, and walls. Keep in mind that these pricing recommendations are just averages picked up after many years in the industry.

The actual cost of a kitchen remodel in Las Vegas will vary depending on the square footage of your kitchen, the scope of the remodeling project, and current labor costs. For example, finally installing that stunning kitchen island you’ve always wanted or upgrading the space to include open shelves will cost more than just updating the cabinets or countertops.

Is Remodeling My Kitchen a Good Investment?

Yes, remodeling your kitchen has an excellent potential ROI, especially if you ever plan to sell your property. According to data from Zillow, major kitchen remodels carry an average ROI of up to 81%. Even if you only land on 40%, whatever you spend on updating your kitchen will be bringing in amazing returns on that investment. 

So, be smart and estimate the kitchen remodel budget carefully (and don’t forget to add some room for those unexpected budget additions).

Let’s Discuss Your Next Kitchen Remodeling Project!

The smarter you are about the budget for a kitchen remodel, the greater the returns you can squeeze out of your investment. And enlisting expert help from a team like Four Star Interiors is always a smart choice. As an expert cabinet and kitchen remodeling company, we have over 20 years of experience in the cabinet business, with hundreds of major kitchen remodels completed for hundreds of satisfied customers. 

Let the Four Star Interiors experts help turn your dream kitchen into a reality—send us a message online or call (702) 602-6143 today to schedule an appointment!

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2 thoughts on “What Is a Realistic Budget for a Kitchen Remodel?”

  1. Interestingly, you mentioned that the cabinets are usually the most expensive component of a kitchen remodel, with labor costs and the plumbing, lighting, flooring, and walls coming in second and third, respectively. Remember that these price suggestions are only averages derived from years of experience in the field. My sister asked me the other day if I had any smart suggestions for her impending kitchen makeover. Based on what I’ve read, she should find the right professional kitchen renovation service to finish the job correctly later.

  2. I appreciate this practical guide on budgeting for a kitchen remodel. The advice to base the budget on the home’s value and allocate percentages to different aspects makes the process seem less overwhelming. The insight about potential returns on investment from Zillow adds a valuable perspective, making it clear that careful budgeting can lead to satisfying results.

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