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Is It Worth Getting Custom Cabinets?
Yes, custom cabinets are 100% worth it. Custom cabinets are the perfect solution if you want unique, bespoke cabinets to match your home’s style and aesthetic. Custom cabinets are high quality and can feature several different colors and styles.

Most custom cabinets consist of high-quality wood that will last for several years and looks great, no matter what kind of interior decorating you have in your house. However, custom cabinets are relatively expensive, and it can take a while for contractors to build the cabinets from scratch.

How Long Does It Take to Install Custom Cabinets?
It depends on the size and scope of the installation projects, but most custom cabinets take anywhere between five and 14 days to install. If you have a smaller kitchen, installation can take as little as two days.

The amount of time installing custom cabinets takes also depend on how many cabinets you want. A full-sized kitchen can have as many as ten cabinets, and many kitchens have cabinets with special features. When installing the cabinet hardware, you will need to plan to be out of the space while the workers do their job.

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Sometimes called Sin City, Las Vegas is Nevada’s most populous city, known far and wide for its gambling, entertainment, shopping, and adventurous nightlife. There is no shortage of fun things to do, with destinations like the Las Vegas Strip entertaining tourists. 

However, besides playing slots at a casino or going to the club, this city within Clark County has plenty more to offer. For example, tourists will find a variety of museums to visit. When Sin City residents need to upgrade their kitchen and bathroom, they call our expert team.

The Best Kitchen Bathroom Remodeling Service in Clark County

When you need new kitchens and baths, there’s no other team to call than Four Star Interiors. Our expert North Las Vegas kitchen remodelers pair years of experience with the best materials and designs. 

We offer unparalleled service, from helping you pick out new countertops tile to completely remodeling your kitchen. We specialize in the following areas: 

Custom-Built Cabinets

Our family-run company is well-equipped to custom-build any cabinet you need. We deliver if you need new cabinets for your kitchen, bathrooms, bar, or entertainment center. We’ll take the following considerations in mind when building your cabinets: 

  • Your budget 
  • Your personal styles and tastes 
  • How your cabinets fit in with the rest of the room
  • Functional needs, like hidden drawers for greater storage capacity

Pre-Manufactured Cabinets

The best-designed kitchens feature custom-built cabinets. However, sometimes it makes sense to explore pre-manufactured cabinets instead, especially when you have a tight budget. 

Fortunately, we only use the best designs and materials for pre-manufactured cabinets. A Las Vegas kitchen remodeler can show you beautiful samples and recommend the best options. 

After gathering measurements and giving you a free estimation, our team can start installing your cabinets. 

Refinishing and Refacing 

Of course, you may already love the cabinets you have. However, it’s possible they’ve seen better days, or you want to add a few extra features. 

For refinishing, we use paint specifically made to work with cabinets. Our durable paints will last for many years. Our refacing service can provide you with customized drawers and doors. We work with various door styles, including traditional and frameless European.

Why Las Vegas Residents Call Four Star Interiors

Las Vegas residents and businesses call our team for these reasons: 

  • Upfront pricing with no hidden fees
  • Transparent communication every step of the way
  • Fast turnaround times—we always work within a strict timeline
  • Endless customization options
  • Qualified and passionate cabinet artisans and a project management team that helps you save money with cabinet refacing.

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Upgrading your Las Vegas home or venue starts with Four Star Interiors. We can pair you with the best cabinets or upgrade your existing ones. We value quality and precision and proudly service Las Vegas and its surrounding areas. 

Let us pair you with a Las Vegas kitchen remodeler when you call us today at (702) 289-8837!

Call (702) 289-8837 for the best cabinetry services in Las Vegas, NV & Nearby Cities.

Four Star Interiors is the most trusted cabinetry services company in the Las Vegas, NV area. Since 2020, we have provided outstanding cabinetry design and build services to customers across Nevada.

25+ Years Experience

Over 25 years experience in kitchen design, custom cabinet building and installation. Whether you choose custom cabinets or our pre- manufactured cabinets , who better to help you choose, design and install your cabinets?

Professional Services

We offer custom cabinets, pre-manufactured cabinets, kitchen and bath (vanities), home entertainment centers, bars and bookcases.

Many Completed Projects

Our cost-effective Las Vegas custom cabinet options will allow you to stick to your kitchen design or home renovation budget while achieving results that exceed your expectations.

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