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How to Choose the Perfect Custom Kitchen Cabinets for Your Las Vegas Home

Depending on how many cabinets you incorporate into the heart of your home, they can take up about half the kitchen wall space for many residents. That makes them one of the more dominant accents contributing to the flow and aesthetics in this specific room. Whether striving for a whole room renovation or simply looking for custom kitchen cabinets in Las Vegas, NV, you need Four Star Interiors. 

Let us be both your jumping-off point for inspiration and the cabinetry experts that get the job done. With over 25 years of experience building custom storage solutions and the quality and precision that has earned us over 300 five-star reviews, you know you’re leaving your home in the right hands. Below, we’ll begin by considering what your perfect custom-built cabinets entail.

Complementing Your Custom Kitchen Islands and Other Surrounding Styles

When searching through Pinterest or eyeing cabinet options at showrooms, it’s easy to fall for a style without thinking about how it would look if moved from its visually appealing setup to your abode. However, if you purchase storage doors just to find they look out of place near your other kitchen surfaces and fixtures, you’ll start wondering if they’re the same cabinets you saw in the store. 

That’s because, in photos and other layouts, designers create a uniform feel with matching custom kitchen islands, countertops, and color schemes. If you want your new cabinets to do the same for your existing setup, ask yourself, “what is the tone and style of my kitchen?” 

For instance, white cabinets with gold trim or elegant geometric designs won’t fit a rustic farmhouse kitchen, so know what you have before you add to it. Then again, if you’re redoing your entire kitchen, you’ll have more freedom with cabinet designs, but make sure all your new surfaces, from the floors and walls to countertops and drawers, have a similar theme.

Door Styles and Materials for Aesthetics

  • Once you better understand the kitchen style you have or are going for, narrow your custom cabinet searches to relevant door looks with style and materials in mind. According to The Spruce, some of the most common custom kitchen cabinets in Las Vegas to contemplate include the following:
  • For rustic/farmhouse homes: Shaker-styled cabinets have sleek lines and a basic appearance with little to no adornments. They come in one uniform color, usually white, but you can swap that for a deeper forest green, black, or navy hue. Rustic country-style cabinets (with weathered wood) and urban rustic raw wood are also ideal for a more nature-like appearance. 
  • For minimalistic homes: Contemporary cabinets have a flat profile with no molding or ornamentation. Many are also hardware-free for a clean look and, despite the material makeup (whether laminates, veneers, or melamine), they usually have a glossy finish. Flat panels and slabs are similar but have small hardware and come in a variety of finishes and colors. 
  • For smaller, more compact kitchens: Glass doors are versatile, fitting numerous home styles from farmhouse to modern, but work best in smaller kitchens, giving the illusion of more space without opaque doors. They’re ideal showcases, especially when paired with solid cabinets. Open shelving cabinets are also great for breaking up solid wall surfaces and adding a focal point.

Cabinet Function and Organization

The layout of your cabinet’s interior affects how you organize your items and, therefore, the function it serves. So before you order cabinets at random, think about what you intend to do with them. 

For instance, if you’re storing packaged snacks and canned goods in your custom kitchen cabinets in Las Vegas, you’ll benefit from plenty of stacked shelves hidden behind opaque doors. If, instead, you’re displaying fine china, floating shelves or glass cabinet doors help you do that best, again with an abundance of shelving space. 

However, if you’re hanging pans and other long utensils or seating tall appliances like blenders and coffeemakers, you’ll want to rid the cabinet of space-limiting shelves. While you can still add shelves to the top or bottom of vertically-long cabinets, leaving the center area open creates a more workable layout, especially if you want to clear your countertop. 

Consider different features you want to incorporate into your kitchen to understand your organizational demands. From trash pull-out to hide unsightly garbage cans to vertical dividers that’ll keep you from constantly stacking and unstacking items, you have a multitude of options at your fingertips.

Size, Shape, and Profile of Custom Cabinetry

The last thing you need is to uncover your ideal cabinet situation just to have slightly-off measurements, causing the new additions to be too small or large for the space or cutting into another area. For instance, some homes with a lower hanging ceiling may have limited vertical space. Stock cabinets may sit too close above the island or countertop, making it impossible to store larger appliances. 

Custom cabinetry lets you make the most of your existing space since you can alter the size and shape to fit the area. Hire a contractor to accurately measure your old cabinets or determine better-suited dimensions before ordering your new custom kitchen cabinets in Las Vegas. 

You should also consider cabinet door profiles since this added depth can either serve as an elegant touch to your design or an obstruction. For example, mullions and raised panel doors add eye-catching class to your cabinets, but if you have corner cabinets, the elevated surface may brush against one another, making them difficult to open. So consider this added depth in your measurements.

Unique Custom Cabinets from Four Star Interiors!

Whether you’re looking for cabinet refinishing that’ll give you that new cabinet feel without spending that new cabinet cost, or you’re investing in a custom design that’ll last a lifetime, count on us. 

At Four Star Interiors, our trusted and professional team of cabinet makers offers cost-effective options, each with a unique style to suit your one-of-a-kind kitchen. Call (702) 602-6143 for your unique custom kitchen cabinets in Las Vegas, NV. We’ll start you off with a free quote today!

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  1. I appreciate your insight into the advantages of custom cabinetry, which allows for flexibility in optimizing available space by adjusting size and shape to suit the area. To ensure a precise fit for your new custom kitchen cabinets, it’s advisable to enlist a contractor who can accurately measure your existing cabinets or recommend more suitable dimensions. My husband and I are planning to give our kitchen a fresher, updated look next spring, and in pursuit of our design goals, we are seriously contemplating the idea of employing cabinet refacing services.

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