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What Accessories Can I Add to Custom Cabinets?
With custom cabinets, homeowners have a lot of choices for accessories and upgrades. Some of the most common accessories for custom kitsch cabinets include:

  • Recycling/trash pullout. Recycling or trash pullouts let you save space and keep your garbage out of sight. Simply pull the cabinet to throw trash and recycling away. 
  • Tray divider. Tray dividers allow for more organization for cooking and banking trays. These accessories work well in thinner cabinets that might not find other utility due to their size. 
  • Spice storage. One of the best cabinet accessories is a spice organizer. You can install a spice organization rack near the stove, so you can always have spice on hand for cooking. 
  • Cutlery organization. Another idea for accessories is a cutlery organization rack. Cutlery racks organize knives, spoons, and forks, so they are always on hand.
  • Rollouts. Rollout cabinets have several levels that can easily extend and retract independently. Rollouts maximize existing cabinet space and are perfect for organizing pots, pans, tupperware, and plates.
  • Lazy Susan. A lazy susan is a good addition to corner cabinets and consists of a rotating circular tray. You can easily sort and organize items with a lazy susan to make things easier to find.

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Henderson is located roughly 16 miles from Las Vegas’s southeast downtown. After Las Vegas, Henderson is the largest city in Nevada and features plenty of thrills. 

This city first emerged during World War II by building the Basic Magnesium Plant. So it wasn’t long before Henderson became the country’s primary magnesium supplier. 

Today, Henderson is known for its many restaurants, casino resorts, shopping malls, Clark County Museum, and being near Las Vegas. When residents need help with their kitchen renovation project, they visit Four Star Interiors.

Get the Best Kitchen Remodel Services

Obtaining the best remodeling services plays an essential role when renovating your bathroom or kitchen. We’ll pair you with expert interior designers who guarantee to transform your space. Gain top-notch functionality paired with beautiful aesthetics. 

We’ll give you recommendations and help you pick out features like: 

  • Appliances
  • Light fixtures 
  • Textures and colors
  • Counters and tabletops 
  • Cabinets

Areas We Specialize In

Our expert team can handle every aspect of your kitchen or bathroom remodel from start to finish. Every Henderson kitchen remodeler is always eager to assist. Areas our remodelers specialize in are: 

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets 

We provide both pre-manufactured and custom-built cabinets. Our team brings over 25 years of experience in making cabinets. We work with various colors, eras, materials, styles, and designs. 

Choose from traditional wooden cabinets to soft-close glass options and more. We work with various door styles, too, including: 

  • Classic door choices 
  • Euro frameless doors 
  • Shaker doors

Whether you buy a pre-manufactured or custom-built cabinet, you can expect the highest quality. We ensure utmost precision by using finish spray machines.

Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing 

Our kitchen cabinet resurfacing service can bring new life into any kitchen design. With this service, we’ll replace your drawer fronts and doors while keeping the interior of your cabinets intact. 

Homeowners can see dramatic changes in their kitchens or bathrooms using our cabinet resurfacing service. This option works great when you don’t have room in your budget for a complete remodel. 

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing 

Cabinet refinishing also proves cost-effective for adding extra flair to your kitchen or bathroom. Kitchen cabinet refinishing makes an excellent choice for adding a fresh coat of paint to your cabinets. 

Our kitchen cabinet refinishing service can work wonders if you’re getting your home ready to sell or want to change things up.

The Four Star Interiors Touch

kitchen island near Las Vegas

From design to installation, you’ll benefit from our expert touch. We’ll professionally design your cabinet layout with the installation process in mind. 

Unfortunately, many general contractors and cabinet stores implement substandard work. At Four Star Interiors, we handle every project in-house using the best kitchen designs and remodelers.

Call Our Expert Team Today

Four Star Interiors proudly serves the many residents and businesses throughout Clark County. No project is too small or too large for our team to tackle.

Let a Henderson kitchen remodeler assist you today by calling us at (702) 289-8837!

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Four Star Interiors is the most trusted cabinetry services company in the Las Vegas, NV area. Since 2020, we have provided outstanding cabinetry design and build services to customers across Nevada.

25+ Years Experience

Over 25 years experience in kitchen design, custom cabinet building and installation. Whether you choose custom cabinets or our pre- manufactured cabinets , who better to help you choose, design and install your cabinets?

Professional Services

We offer custom cabinets, pre-manufactured cabinets, kitchen and bath (vanities), home entertainment centers, bars and bookcases.

Many Completed Projects

Our cost-effective Las Vegas custom cabinet options will allow you to stick to your kitchen design or home renovation budget while achieving results that exceed your expectations.

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