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How Long Does It Take to Install Custom Cabinets?
It depends on the size and scope of the installation projects, but most custom cabinets take anywhere between five and 14 days to install. If you have a smaller kitchen, installation can take as little as two days. 

The amount of time installing custom cabinets takes also depend on how many cabinets you want. A full-sized kitchen can have as many as ten cabinets, and many kitchens have cabinets with special features. When installing the cabinet hardware, you will need to plan to be out of the space while the workers do their job.

How Long Do Custom Cabinets Last?
High-quality custom cabinetry can easily last upwards of 50 years if you remember to get regular maintenance and cleaning. Cabinets are one of the longest-lasting fixtures in homes, and you can install custom cabinets that last a lifetime. 

However, cabinets eventually need replacing. Below are some common signs that you should replace your custom cabinets. 

  • You don’t have enough storage space anymore.
  • You notice discoloration on your cabinet doors and the body.
  • Your cabinets start to smell like rotting wood.
  • You notice water damage causing stains and discoloration.
  • The doors have come loose from excessive wear and tear.
  • You notice cracking, peeling, and damaged corners on your cabinets. 
  • You want to redo the layout of your kitchen.
  • You want to install new cabinets with special amenities and additions.

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Get Expert Cabinetry

Homeowners have many factors to consider regarding a remodeling project. While every room holds significance, many people see their kitchen as the most essential. One element this room needs includes attractive and functional kitchen cabinets. 

However, many homeowners wonder if custom kitchen cabinets are worth it. While you can generally save money by buying pre-manufactured cabinets, our custom cabinetry provides many benefits.

What Exactly Are Custom Cabinets?

We build custom cabinets with your house and kitchen’s design and layout in mind. We make your cabinets adhere strictly to your home’s walls. This process eliminates dead spaces and awkward corners.

The Many Benefits of Custom Cabinets

You will find many benefits when choosing to install custom kitchen cabinets. 

Greater Style and Design Choices

While pre-manufactured cabinets have come a long way, they still limit your selection to pre-selected color options, patterns, and styles. Choose the right style and color that matches your specific tastes. You also have access to various door styles, including: 

  • Traditional designs 
  • Modern designs 
  • Shaker styles 
  • European frameless

At Four Star Interiors, we work with many different designs and materials. 

Greater Storage Capacities

Your custom kitchen cabinets will also have greater storage capacities. As a result, you can enjoy more space for your kitchen essentials, including utensils, cooking supplies, and more. We can add other features like open shelves and pot racks when you work with our team. 

Better Material 

We only use top-notch materials when building custom cabinets and cabinet doors. Unfortunately, stock cabinetry typically features particle and laminate boards versus our high-quality wood. 

We also rigorously craft every component using the best materials, including your: 

  • Drawer tracks 
  • Pull-out drawers
  • Shelves 
  • Hinges
  • Doors and more

Additional Custom Cabinet Features

Our Four Star Interiors can also add additional features to your customized cabinets: 

Personalized Drawers 

Every drawer we build for your cabinets will serve a specific purpose. We can create your drawers in various depths and widths, precisely designed for your kitchen needs. Our drawers come in three types: full overlay, partial overlay, and inset. 

Excellent Cabinet Lighting 

High-quality underlighting added to your custom-built cabinet can significantly improve its look and feel. We work with various lighting options like: 

  • LED
  • Xenon 
  • Fluorescent 
  • Halogen

Lighting choices like LED can change colors to suit your tastes better. 

The Best Cabinet Finishing 

Our team can also give your custom cabinet different finishes like waterborne, glazed, or natural. Besides improving your cabinets’ aesthetics, these finishes protect them from water damage and scratches.

Let Our Team Custom-Build Your Cabinets Today

Custom Kitchen Island Las Vegas, NV

Customized kitchen cabinets are more expensive than pre-manufactured cabinets. However, many homeowners prefer custom cabinets because they make great statement pieces. These cabinets also provide more durability than stock cabinets. 

However, when investing in customized cabinets, you’ll want an expert team on your side eager to assist. When you work with Four Star Interiors, you can be confident your kitchen will see dramatic upgrades. 

For the best custom kitchen cabinets in Las Vegas, NV, residents can call us today at (702) 289-8837!

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Over 25 years experience in kitchen design, custom cabinet building and installation. Whether you choose custom cabinets or our pre- manufactured cabinets , who better to help you choose, design and install your cabinets?

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Our cost-effective Las Vegas custom cabinet options will allow you to stick to your kitchen design or home renovation budget while achieving results that exceed your expectations.

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